MRSA provides customized value-added services in addition to our architecture, space planning and proprietary technology offerings. Our special services are customized to your particular business need.

“You guys get it.”

Our client called us for a reason. His goal was to maximize rental income from a new building, and we understood that. So we measured the space with that in mind and found a way to maximize rentable square feet. That’s precisely what keeps him coming back — our uncanny ability to manage and meet expectations.

After 38 years, this same level of care and consideration still informs everything we do. We continue to draw inspiration from those we serve, understanding your intentions and meticulously looking for ways to transform your vision, passion and commitment into inspiring spaces that enhance the way you work.

So tell us, what are you trying to achieve?

LEED Consulting

Going green is responsible environmental stewardship. But utilizing our LEED consulting and certification expertise can produce tangible business benefits. Consider Northern Trust, whose electrical costs for a LEED Silver facility decreased significantly compared to other properties — almost 30% to be exact.

Our work on BOMA Chicago’s office space also speaks to the value and esprit de corps that comes from sound and sustainable corporate interiors. The BOMA LEED Silver Certification featured customized design utilizing environmentally sensitive finishes, furnishings and appliances, such as:

 InterfaceFLOR carpet tiles that are designed to offset greenhouse gas emissions throughout the carpet’s entire lifetime—from original manufacture to installation to reclamation to recycling

Low-VOC-emitting air adhesives, sealants and paint

Energy Star-certified refrigerator, dishwasher, printers and other appliances

By the project’s completion the MRSA team had diverted more than 80 percent of all construction waste--well over the 60 percent mandated by the city of Chicago ordinances. This included nearly three tons of metal, 4.5 tons of drywall and almost 3.5 tons of carpet, which was reclaimed by the manufacturer.  The location of BOMA/Chicago’s offices inside the Harris Bank Building also offers inherent green components. It is accessible to public transportation and offers complimentary storage space for bicycles, as well as showers and changing areas for bicycle and pedestrian commuters.

Measurement Services

Our measurement services offer property owners and asset managers the potential to make their facilities more marketable, competitive and profitable. It optimizes the floor plate design of new buildings and puts established properties on equal footing with new construction with contemporary accoutrements.

It is also an opportunity to take advantage of MRSA proprietary technologies that go beyond mere square footage. We give you a comprehensive data warehouse of even the most minute details of every property. Minutia that often leads to higher valuations and increased revenue growth opportunities.

Our measurement and re-measurement services comply with BOMA standards, including the newly introduced 2010 Method A+B measurement standards.

MRSA is the recognized leader in data capture and storage for all categories of commercial and industrial space. As such, BOMA frequently enlists us to provide training, instruction and informational seminars for its sponsored events.

OEMC Services

There’s no telling when nature, hazards of everyday life, recent events and other potential risks may threaten your property and operations. It’s imperative to have a plan for sharing emergency information with tenants, investors, emergency responders, appropriate civil authorities and employees.

MRSA is well-versed in developing, filing, updating, resubmitting and keeping all of your OEMC policies and procedures up-to-date and in good standing. Our comprehensive planning and procedures will help you avoid costly disasters while vesting your tenants and stakeholders with the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of your properties.


Business in the information age is instantaneous. Opportunities are won or lost in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Successful management depends on complete and accurate information when and where you need it. There are no second chances.

smartBook® is a cloud-based data warehouse that gives you immediate access to the critical building management, operations and leasing information you need to make informed business decisions with complete and total confidence.

Available on a desktop, laptop or mobile device, the smartBook system keeps you intimately connected to your properties. From tenant occupancy information, to detailed engineering information, to opportunities for leasing vacant space to emergency evacuation plans, your highly valued data is safe, secure and there when you need it. No more panicked searching and scouring through cramped and dated files for critical property-related documents, permits, warranties, leases, policies or procedures.

You invest significant capital in architectural drawings, structural plans, equipment, and human resources. Consolidating that information in one accessible and ever-present place while safeguarding its integrity is paramount to protecting your interests, reducing risk and improving the operational performance of your properties.