MRSA Architects   |  Chicago, Illinois    MRSA’s current space makes a bold statement about who we are—and how we want to live at work. We were inspired by the afternoon light and the home-like effect of the shadows it produced. But the space needed more than natural light. And we wanted to be both practical and responsible. We recycled lighting, doors, hardware and the like from another project. We donated 5,000 square feet of carpet to a local not-for-profit. And we tapped our contact at a furniture showroom to borrow and ultimately buy the signature orange suede Barcelona chairs that greet every guest.  
  55 East Monroe |  Chicago, Illinois    Entrance redesign (after)  Our client's intention was clear: refresh the three entrances of a trophy building to reflect its recent transformation from commercial building to office and residential condos. But as often happens, hidden challenges can threaten the best laid plans. Our solution called for replacing large existing canopies with steel structures that would create a lighter look—and complement the new steel and glass canopy of the residential entrance. But when we discovered the canopy was cantilevered concrete, we reskinned the structure with stainless steel and used LED lights  to create a gridded sculptural effect.
  77 West Wacker - Iridium Center |  Chicago, Illinois
  525 West Van Buren |  Chicago, Illinois    Rendering  Working with GlenStar Properties, MRSA designed a high end Spec Suite to attract high profile tenants to 525 West Van Buren. The space is designed with central offices to maximize the amount of natural light throughout the bench office work stations and common areas. There are several quiet, high-tech conference spaces for meetings and training.
  737 North Michigan /  Chicago, Illinois    Working with the office of the building, MRSA redesigned the tenant lounge to be more open and inviting to building tenants looking for a change of scenery for a meeting, to work on their laptop, or just relax. The two private phone rooms create a small space for making calls or a quiet space to prepare for a meeting. 
  1144 West Fulton Market |  Chicago, Illinois    More than twenty years ago, a visionary developer identified Chicago’s West Loop community as a future hotbed of restaurants and nightlife. He quickly bought a brick loft building and converted it to a multi-tenant office building. MRSA’s plan eschewed the deconstructive industrial look popular at the time and instead specified a higher level of fit and finish that featured bright colors with plush textures in the lobby. With MRSA’s inspiration, the space soon became a destination of choice for tech start-ups and visionary companies. 
  2017 Mendell   |  Chicago, Illinois   When a developer saw investment potential in an abandoned distribution warehouse in an emerging neighborhood, MRSA helped convert it to a high-tech office building. Our design added a 60,000 square foot half floor with a new rooftop deck. For the main entrance, we created a sleek look by reskinning a portion of the façade and installing a metal rain screen in front of existing masonry.
  BOMA Chicago |  Chicago, Illinois    MRSA gained an insider’s view of BOMA’s office space through a series of classes we presented on property administration. So we were a natural choice to give its headquarters a contemporary look that reflects its leadership status and commitment to LEED certification. We designed an open, welcoming environment that encourages and enhances interaction. A versatile 1,200 square foot meeting room accommodates everything from board meetings to brownbag lunches. With our end-to-end design and planning services, BOMA demonstrated that it could complete its LEED certified renovation on time—and within its tight budget.  
  Ferry Road |  Chicago, Illinois    Project Rendering   First impressions really count. And they’re exponentially more important when single owner occupied buildings convert to multi-tenant formats. Prior to closing, a buyer asked MRSA to envision how two cylindrical structures and the front entry in between them could look more inviting to potential tenants. Our design changed the building’s color and covered the cylinders with ivy.  We also opened the lobby space dramatically by replacing existing brick walls and aluminum doors with full-height glass walls and entry doors. These subtle and cost-effective changes will make all the difference. After all, nothing says “welcome” like a pastoral setting and an open door. 
  Fifield |  Chicago, Illinois     
  Frank Gecker, LLP | Attorneys at Law | Chicago, Illinois
  Glantz Design |  Evanston, Illinois
  One North State |  Chicago, Illinois    Chicago is a city of landmarks. So when the lobby of this vintage 1912 office building needed a long overdue facelift, MRSA bowed to the past while embracing the future. We retained key elements of a 1940s renovation but said goodbye to the brass detail and brown hues that screamed 1980s hotel lobby. In the spirit of design by subtraction, we also removed all visual clutter and installed lights behind drywall clouds on the ceiling. The result: a clean, 21st century lobby that attracts new tenants without breaking the bank. 
  1212 House Julie & Michael Tracey Foundation |  Chicago, Illinois    Young adults with high functioning autism need support to transition into independent living and steady employment. A family foundation purchased a four bedroom Victorian home near the University of Illinois campus and commissioned MRSA to help convert it to a well-appointed housing facility. We turned this two-flat home into a five bedroom single family residence where young adults can live independently with volunteer support. The home features soft surfaces, indirect and dimmable lighting, areas for gaming and quiet retreats, and a kitchen equipped to host cooking classes. 
  Royal Bank | Chicago, Illinois
  Schaefer Residence |  Evanston, Illinois    This unique urban residence brings new meaning to the concept, “at home in his garage.” In its checkered past, this north shore home was a stable in the late 1800s and the home of Charlie’s Transmissions until it was vacated in the 1980s. Our design relies heavily on recycled materials, including factory steel windows and many artifacts and fixtures from the original building. From the second floor master bedroom suite, it’s hard to miss the open view of the sprawling garage below.  
  Spec Suite Program /  Chicago, Illinois    550 West Adams Rendering  MRSA  has created a viable and cost effective Spec Suite solution, starting at $75 per rentable square foot for build out, including furniture, architecture and engineering fees.  Our spec suite program offers energy efficient space that meets the Chicago Energy Code. Spec Suites offer a flexible and economical solution to the challenge of creating attractive office space in seemingly "un-leasable" areas of buildings that have been otherwise vacant. 
  University of Chicago |  Chicago, Illinois    This research institution is known for asking architects to do the impossible and this project was no exception. Its Astrophysics department was creating nine separate electronics labs on three floors, and each lab would house tenants with different needs and specialized equipment. We created a detailed cross-referencing and documentation matrix to guide the complex planning process. And we designed flexible spaces with clean, white walls and ceilings, custom workbenches and storage systems. These labs could easily accommodate such equipment as a 17-foot high clean room tent with a hoist crane and a room that shielded electromagnetic radiation. 
  University of Chicago - Park Lab |  Chicago, Illinois
  Waterton - 555 West Madison |  Chicago, Illinois